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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Learning about Louie Giglio, Laminin, and more
As mentioned previously, Sunday gave me an experience of a lifetime. It was pretty much the first time I took up an offer from a friend to accompany her to her church. I was invite by another friend beforehand, but I was unable to go with her because I had some other stuff to do. That was bad, really, but I could not understand how bad that was until Sunday. At the very least, Sunday at the Bread of Life taught me the error of my ways. Next time around, I will take up Ibby on her invitation to her church. Who knows what I will learn there. Now to the lessons last Sunday...

From the very start of the service, I already wanted to cry. Something powerful struck me and I don't exactly know what. It started with the songs, then the message, and then the realizations. The topic was mostly focused on using your talents for God, and realizing that everybody has a talent and it is never too small. It made me acknowledge the fact that we are all, indeed, unique and significant in our own way. It made me remember that there is nobody like me (which is what the hub keeps telling me) and that, in our own way, we will never be replaceable. To be made in His likeness, it is a pretty amazing thing, don't you think so? And if we berate ourselves or put ourselves down, it is more or less the same thing as putting Him down. Now that is not good. He doesn't deserve the treatment we give to ourselves. And so we should be able to appreciate ourselves more and in that way, we appreciate Him as well.

Perhaps the part that hit home the most was when a footage from a gathering where Louie Giglio spoke was shown. It was where he said that even in our darkest time, through all our troubles, and through all the fast balls life throws us, God is there, holding us in the His hands. And that He will never leave us.

Now you might find this thought very basic. But it was just what I needed EXACTLY. To know once more that God is with me through all. I know I sound like a very happy person, and I am. But I have gone through a whole lot of sloughing through mud and grime just to survive. And for the past 3 years, it hasn't been easy. It has been so hard, that I think I just might break. Often, I've thought about giving up.. but I can't you see. And comfort and faith was in short supply... I needed that talk. I needed the realization once again. And I needed to be comforted... that was what I got.

To top things off, Louie answered one thing that has been in my mind as soon as he said the words about God being there for me. Like some, I guess others asked as well, I had silently voiced out "How do I know He is really, really there?". Louie, answered it as though he heard everybody: Laminin. Scientifically, and in a general sense, laminin is a protein that pretty much holds us together. Why? Because it holds cells to membranes and molecules ..(see Wikipedia) you get the drift. Imagine that? One small, virtually unknown and unminded part of our body essentially holds us together and is within us. Cool. I got the idea: God = Laminin = binds us and holds us together. But I still had some questions as to why this is proof enough. And Louie showed the answer:

Amazing, isn't it? Wow. Even now, I still.. oh well. You know... And so I learned the reason why I was invited. A good thing I chose to go to church instead of sleep, too! I think I might have finally learned to listen.

God is indeed there for me, and He is the force inside me making me hold on through everything I've gone through, and a little bit more. I'm glad. Thank you, God!

Now, I have another project to make. This is in relation to the "Making use of your Talents for God" part of the lessons learned last Sunday. It will be disclosed soon.

Thank you for listening or reading!

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posted by Ann @ 8:24 AM  
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