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Friday, May 23, 2008
Confiteor Ex Animo: Tribute To The Man
I've rarely talked about my hub-a-lot. Yes, I am not married to myself, mind you! I did manage to snag a special somebody from the meager few who looked my way. It goes way back to being online buddies in 2001, to finally being dubbed as a "couple" both online and in real life. Fast forward around 6 years to the Present: married, spawned (twice!), and still inexplicably complicated. Truly a feat!

Here goes a meme that plowed through my brain. In good timing, of course, as this might be something that I owe The Man for a long time. Mommy Ruby tagged/dared me to brag about my hubby. If he's reading this right now, I bet his first thought would be, "she wont have anything to brag about when it comes to me.." Au contraire, Ten, when it comes to you, I've got a lot to brag about... Allow me to talk (and brag a bit) about The Man.

Tribute to The Man

The Man's name is Richard O. Tecson, 25 years of age (turning 26 on the 5th of June, 2008). Ten, as what I call him these days, is obsessed with soccer and basketball (like me). His obsession leads to countless nights of no sleep because he is either playing Football Manager 2007 or watching soccer on TV. He's got this programming in his mind that allows him to store a whole lot of knowledge on soccer and basketballs stats, names, dates, and scores. I marvel at his brain, which must have the hard drive capacity of at least 10 Tetrabytes(?). He can memorize not only stats regarding sports, but of famous people as well, and of history and breakthroughs. On top of that, he is greatly interested in war - which means he knows weapons and their capacity. He knows who shot who and who fired what in whatever year it was. Things I have no idea about. In contrast to my brain capacity, I think logically I can compete, mathematically, I might be a step higher, but with regards to memory use, I have no idea. I have short term memory loss. HeHeHe..

Ten loves to read, and his readings are not limited to or consist of what men call reading materials, i.e., FHM, PlayBoy, Tech, and all that other stuff. Nope. He reads John Grisham, is rather obsessed with Tolkien and all his books (he remembers dates, places, names, and other stuff regarding Tolkien), Anne Rice, etc., and he goes through my Smithsonian monthly subscription more than I do. His musical tastes range from alternative to hard rock, from reggae to RnB, the RnB (reggae nga bisaya) and at some point he becomes a sentimental sap.

He also loves the computer as much as he loves me - I think. If there is a computer game, a PlayStation, or an xBox around, let's just say his hands get all itchy as he craves to even try. In fact, when we were dating, he and I used to play PlayStation 2 every afternoon as soon as my classes end. We also both love to eat, walk around the boulevard, and just talk. Suffice it to say that our interests are almost the same. On top of all that, he doesn't even have all the time in the world to do everything, really, because he The Man.

Yes, he was kind enough to put his dreams, his aspirations, his "guy time" and his pride to the side by willingly offering that he stay at home with the kids while I go out and gallivant, ehrrr I mean, provide. If I had been the one to stay full-time, it would have been okay, too. But for the sake of others, he was the one willing to compromise. Not only does he take care of the kiddies, he takes good care of me, too. In most cases, he and my friends agree that I drive myself down to the ground. And yes, they gang up on me, too!

On top of that, he keeps pushing me to spend time with my friends when the occasion permits. Perhaps he is the most understanding guy I have ever known - save for a few diva moments or so. Hehe Right, Ten?

One thing I was worried about (or still am, especially these days) is that if he leaves me. You know how sometimes men tend to stray especially if the wife is too busy. Even when we were still dating, I could not help but be a bit cautious with my heart. I do trust him not to stray. But a wife/girlfriend cannot help it if women display themselves or openly flirt with men. And I have seen women flirt with him in front of me even. But I never let my jealousy show. I've learned to just keep it cool. Surprisingly, he never has strayed - so far. Even his friends say that they've tried to get him to even just flirt with a girl, but he just doesn't show that much interest. And for that, he has earned their respect on that level. Now, they are more open with me, and I trust them as much as I trust him.

Admittedly, there is a lot more to him. There are other things about him that I would like to keep to myself. Something which I often do. But this time around, I chose to talk about him a bit more as a lot of people tend to be a bit prejudiced with their impressions about him. A lot are confused as to why I fell for him. I do have my reasons, and if you know me more intimately, from what I shared above, I think you might be able to see why.

A toast to a Wonderful Dad, and a Loving Husband! Thank you for everything, Ten!!


Ex animo,

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posted by Ann @ 6:19 PM  
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