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Friday, May 16, 2008
Friday Fitness & Health: What to Eat After Working Out
We're walking/jogging tomorrow early morning. The plan is to be up and about at around 4:30 A.M., and get it kicking by 4:45 A.M. Of course, that is if I ever get my body off the bed. I plan do it, really. Why? Simply because even us, mere mortals, need to get in shape. Sitting in front of a computer day-in and day-out is just lacking movement, IMHO.

Now, I've been down the road of an athlete. For a good number of years, I've played badminton and gone to many competitions in aims of getting the coveted gold medal. Those were the days when I was more mindful of the things that I put in my mouth. These days..not so much. Since I've descended into the realm of the non-moving geeks and worker ants, the question of what to eat before and most especially after working out arises.

When I hang out with my jogging buddies, the usual ending to the workout/exercise is a chow-down at a local eatery. Talk about putting everything lost back on. So, I was thinking, what does a non athlete eat after working out?

Here are some ideas as to what to healthily gobble up after an hour or so of sweating.

  • Consume 16-20 oz. of water after working out to aid your body in recovering the fluids lost when sweating away. Fact is, the body loses around a quart of fluid in an hour of exercise.
  • Dried fruits and nuts.
  • Fruit juice with cheese.
  • Yogurt with fruit.
  • Chocolate with milk.
  • Cereal with milk.
  • Eggs and toast.
  • Ham or chicken sandwich.
  • Pancakes and eggs.
  • Any regular meal that contains lean protein, starch, and vegetables.

That means, no more bacon, salami, hotdogs, eggs, rice, and everything nice. Okay, so there are some goodies though. The thing is, eating the right food at the right time after working out is an essential in helping you keep up your energy up, extend the fat-burning mode longer, and your workout performance higher.

Now, I already have an inkling as to what I'm going to have for breakfast after running around tomorrow. Cereals! Mmmm..

Enjoy your weekend everybody!

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posted by Ann @ 3:15 PM  
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