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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
What happened last Sunday?
The weekend gave me something pretty awesome. In fact, Sunday was spectacular and somewhat life changing for me.. a bit. Hehehe.. it was perhaps the longest day of my year. Perhaps.

It started with a trip to the beachside for a good 6 hours or so. The story about what happened in those 6 hours is going to be posted at my Anthology of Snippets blog. If you are interested, please visit it later to view whatever I have posted there. So, moving on...

I planned to get some good afternoon's rest as soon as I got home from the early morning jaunt. To my dismay, catching some zzz's was not to be in the agenda. The kiddies were overjoyed to see me back home so they had a ball climbing over me as I attempted to sleep. What else could a doting mother, such as I, do? I woke up, played around a bit, and watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (review to follow) with the hub and kids.

Soon after the movie ended, I finally got Gianfranco to go to sleep. Belle and the hub went to sleep as well. Just as I was about to join the slumbering group, I noticed 2 text messages on my cellphone. Both from Daphne. One contained a question regarding our gift for Grand Master Joh, who was celebrating his 24th birthday at Mr. D, and the other was an invitation for me to join her to church at the Bread of Life after purchasing the gift.

At first I was quite in a debate with myself... the bed looked oh so inviting and my mind, body, and soul ached to find rest and relaxation. On the other hand, it's church! I haven't gone to church yet, and this would be a good time to visit Bread of Life, AND this was the first time Daphy invited me. It was not an invitation to gallivant, anyway, and we still had Master Joh's birthday bash to attend to. Hmmm.. So, I made up my mind, asked permission from the hub that I could go to church and just go directly to Master Joh's place afterwards. I think he was half asleep to think and he said yes! :)

Suffice it to say that I really liked my experience at Bread of Life. I learned a lot. And I mean, a lot - a lot!! I learned about Louie Giglio, Talent Management, Laminin, and so many other things (yes, this will also be posted later) and so much more. There was a reason why I was invited that day, and I am most definitely glad I chose to go to church other than sleep. :) I was almost crying then..

Anyway, after church, it was Master Joh's birthday bash. And we had a blast! If you want to see what we ate, go visit Master Joh's blog because he posted all that needed to be known about the food there. :) It was another experience of a lifetime. Seriously.

That was a long day, wasn't it? As soon as I got home and gave the hub his dinner, I asked to be excused so I can lie down for a while before tackling other things I had to do - which is a whole LOT if you ask me. I mean, I missed out on a lot of posts and tasks and other stuff. But what could I have done? Last thing I remember was that I lay down and closed my eyes for a while. After all I did have stuff to do. But when I opened my eyes, guess what? It was already 4:30 A.M.! Time to get up and get ready for work. Argh.

I don't like Mondays... ah, LIFE!

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posted by Ann @ 12:18 PM  
  • At May 27, 2008 at 5:33 PM, Blogger Z'riz said…

    gnahan pud ko mutan-aw ug indie...hehehehe the hat! the hat!

    and i want to see shia lebeof... please say his name...i like his name...hehehe

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