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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Living With Water: Benefits of Hydration
If there is anything we take for granted more, it is our intake of water. I should know. For the past week, I've noticed that the maximum amount of water I have taken in does not come up to a single liter perhaps per day. That's bad, duh! But I was too busy and just plain lazy to care. So I opted to make use of alternative liquids such as tea, Cali, juice, Fit n Right, and softdrinks.

It took a while before I realized that I was running low on good old water that I had to make a huge backtrack. These days, I've been trying to get myself hydrated. It could be the one thing missing in my health life. As it often happens, I mistake my thirst for hunger, so I go for the food rather than the thirst quencher. Stupid huh? Yeahp.. very very stupid. At least I know better now.

Just to chronicle this knowledge, and to share it to those who do not know the benefits of water, here is a list of reasons why you SHOULD get that 5-8 glasses of water a day!

  • Hydration lessens risk of diseases. Getting yourself hydrated lessens a woman's risk of breast cancer by a good 79%. Not only that type of cancer, but it also reduces the risk of colon (45%) and bladder (50%) cancer as well.
  • Mental clarity enhancement. Good hydration helps you be alert mentally all throughout the day. This is something that appeals a lot to me.
  • Go for softer skin. Here's to those who would do everything to slow down the aging process. Did you know that if you do not hydrate yourself much, you age faster? Surely I am going to hydrate more! Wrinkles are said to vanish and sagging skin would tighten.
  • Improve your Digestion! Well now, they never told me that! Research shows that when one gets constipated, that person more or less does not have sufficient fluid. Well, it figures. Fluid is needed in order for nutrients to glide on by through those delicate membranes lining the intestines. If the fluid is enough, then the nutrients can be distributed everywhere!
  • CONTROL BODY WEIGHT. (This one caught my eye, too!) Perhaps this is the explanation to my eating instead of drinking decisions last week. Usuallly people often confuse thirst for hunger because the body's thirst mechanism is not really that strong. If we hydrate more, enough hydration resets the thirst mechanism which in turn satisfies the need. Therefore, we no longer eat that much... ;)
  • Relieve Joints and Back Pains. People do not know this much to be true, but hydration can actually help relieve you of your back and joint pains - if you have any.

I don't know about you, but those benefits are reason enough for me to start hydrating myself. As of yesterday, I bought a new bottle for me to use just so when I go around town, I can drink water anytime. Therefore I will not have an excuse to eat out or buy soft drinks or iced tea.

I believe it now. Even though I haven't seen any results as yet. But I honestly feel much better. The secret to good health? Water.

posted by Ann @ 11:51 AM  
  • At July 3, 2008 at 2:18 AM, Blogger Z'riz said…

    hi! please join my daily drops ring...I would be dropping by AND commenting to your posts daily or as often as I can. I'm making this ring because I do love reading your posts and commenting but it is just so hard to follow through even when I have you on my reader. Hope you would join. Thanks! Click here for the link.

  • At October 15, 2008 at 10:18 PM, Blogger KCee said…


    This is off topic, but I've already moved to a new domain. Please update my link to

    Hope you can also add my new blog 'In My Red Heels'- to your blogroll. I've already linked you up there.

    Thanks have a great week! :)

  • At January 18, 2009 at 3:53 PM, Blogger andi said…

    the goodness of water... i drink a lot.

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