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Tuesday, June 3, 2008
Productivity Hack: How to Keep a Sharp Focus at Work

When you live like me, you have to learn to juggle like me. And what is most important is to be able to learn to have something called "focus" in what you do.

These days, we have a lot of things that could be used to distract us: Internet, SMS (or texting), Friendster, Twitter, instant messaging, RSS feeds, and more. If you do not have any of these distractions, perhaps a little office gossip will take your mind off the more important things. And if you are a little web worker like yours truly, all the more distractions are bound to come your way, in the long run, you are pretty much at risk for losing your focus.

Focus is hard to come by these days. It is not something that you just turn on and off on a whim. Your surroundings are are essential if you want to be more focused. Here are some ways to help achieve a sharper focus as you toil the hours away:

  • Plan your day. It is important to list down the things that need to be done today. If you do not have a list to abide to, it is pretty easy to stray from your path and find yourself doing things that could have been done later. In the end, you may have not done what you were really supposed to do.
  • Find your down times. At work, most people have a "noisy" time where they somehow relax a bit or become a bit lazy when it comes to work. Find that time which you somewhat do not feel like doing anything and have your break then.
  • Set time limits. Everybody has a lot of things to do. So it is best that you set up certain amounts of time to finish or attend to a certain thing and make sure you try to finish what you set off to do for that allotted time. That way, that will be marked off the list of things to do.
  • Keep a journal or a diary of the things you did all through the day. The GiGC gave me a 3-year diary as a Christmas present last year (it's pink!), and it has been quite useful in helping me keep tracks on what I did on this particular day, or what happened on this day. Even my frustrations and thoughts go here.
  • Use programs to help track your time. Remember when I talked about RescueTime? Yes, that is it. If RescueTime does not help, then I also have an alternative way of keeping track of things to do, the ever helpful MS Excel.
  • Take more breaks. I know it sounds crazy, but the only thing that has kept me from having a burn-out is because in every hour, I take at least a couple of minutes off to cool my aching brain. It actually works. One really cannot help process tons of data in 8 straight hours. Have a break, have a KitKat.
  • Start the day right. In every single thing you do, it is best to remember that if you start the day right, you go through the day right. Even if there are numerous undesirable things that are bound to happen, if you start off right, eventually, it will end up right again.

These are but a few hacks to keep your focus. I know that it is one of the hardest to achieve. I should know, I think that aside from being a bit obsessive, I think I might also be a tad bit of attention deficit. ;)

Now, Focus!!

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posted by Ann @ 8:23 PM  
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