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Monday, June 9, 2008
The Things You Cant Get When You Run For The Green
Here is the lowdown on what is happening in the world today: Gas prices are skyrocketing (imagine a Php 60/L prediction in a month or so), rice shortage and price increase, increase in fare (from Php 8 to Php 10), and the groceries' price increase as well. That is a might lot for a small country like the Philippines. How much the whole world?

And so the whole world is in crisis. Now, everybody is running for the big green - right? Everybody is trying to earn even on the side of what he or she can manage - even if it kills them. For people who have families, like me, we have to push hard and push harder just to even buy a can of milk. But in the process, we ought to think: "What are we losing that the moolah cannot get you?"

  • Happiness - I think a lot will agree if I say "Money cannot buy happiness." However, it would make somebody happy if you get that person something, but that would only be temporary. If it gets your family out of trouble, then that would be happiness. But too much striving for money just because money buys material things is not any way of making a person happy. Material possessions can never take the place of a happy and loving home. And if you, yourself, strive too hard. Be careful as it just might deprive you of the true happiness of the soul.
  • Time - "Time is money," or so they say. Therefore, if you sell out your time for money, then obviously, you lose time. Sometimes we give too much time worrying, spending, budgeting, and thinking about money that we lose the time to check out other things that do not involve money. Money takes away the time you are supposed to be spending with your kids, your husband, your loved ones, and even with yourself. Sometimes, I, too, become guilty over this. And to take care of this is to budget time wisely.
  • Health - As I write this, I believe I can safely testify striving for money can be bad for your health. And even if - by God's grace - I do earn enough, I still will not be able to have any insurance that the life I live will be long. Money can never bring back your life, your youth, or your health.
  • Self-esteem - No matter how rich you get, it does not matter to self-esteem. It is not like you can buy self-esteem by the bundle. It has to be grown from deep within you, and something that you have to invest into - and by this, I do not mean money. If you have not yet resolved any issues within yourself, then no amount of money can help you take care of this except your very self. When the richest of men decide to take their lives because of depression, no amount of money spent on drugs, or anything that their money can buy can cure that person.
  • Respect - If you humiliate a person and then pay that person off with Php 1,000, do you think you will get respect. Oh, I am sure that person would be willing to say yes - crisis after all. But you will never get that person's respect. The truth is, no amount of money can buy respect. You have to gain it, not demand it or buy it.

There are a lot of things that money cannot buy. These are but the basics that sometimes we need to remember when we are so caught up in the race to provide. Although it is not all together harmful or bad for you. We just need to realize that the world may need money to improve and develop, but money should not be our world.

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posted by Ann @ 7:13 PM  
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