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Friday, April 4, 2008
Signs of Pregnancy: Are you Pregnant or NOT?

Over the short course of three years, I have managed to give birth to two beautiful (if I may say so myself) babies. At a relatively young age of 23, I am already a mother of a 2-year old girl and a 1-year old baby boy. And I am very much happy with both of them. Thank you very much!

However, in as much as I do love my babies, I really do not want a third bouncing baby. I mean, it is just too much for me to handle, I guess. I would like another baby.. but just not right now. You get my drift?

Honestly? I am not a whiz at determining if I am pregnant or not. Up until a couple of months ago. :) My paranoia at getting pregnant has taught me a lot to watch out for symptoms and signs that I think I might be getting good at it. Hahahaha..

Recent events got me researching all over the Internet and asking around as to how to tell if one is pregnant. What happened? Oh nothing really... Just a bunch of people asking me if I'm pregnant or not. Some say I must be pregnant because I lost weight, while some ask if I am because I gained weight. Some asked because I seem to be blooming, and some, well, some people just ask because it seems I keep spawning. LoL

I would like to share them with you, just in case. Here are ways to determine if you've got a bun in your oven. Not all of them may apply, but you are welcome to try ALL of them. It never hurts to try, you know.

  • hCG test - Nothing like a good test to get rid of all anxiety and get to the bottom of things. Although there are some versions of this test that just do not work. So it does not exactly work 100%, but then again, what does? I did not know I had my second baby because I took 3 hCG tests and 2 came out negative and 1 positive. I believed the Negative. Wahaha.. Yeah, I believe what I want to believe.
  • Frequent Urination - One sign that was a dead giveaway for me was the frequent urination. Especially in the middle of the night. Even at work, I wondered why I had to urinate every hour or so. Then again, that happened to me recently, too. But I realized I just drink a LOT of water these days. :D
  • Drowsiness - This one, for me, hits the mark. When I had my first baby, all I could think about was sleep. I just wanted to sleep, sleep, and sleep. And sleep I did! If there is no reason why you should be sleepy all the time then, CONGRATULATIONS!
  • Increased appetite and cravings - For some women, the increase of appetite simply means menstruation is just around the bend. However, I believe it is when the would-be-pregnant woman would crave for something that is often illogical to crave for, THAT is it! For example, when I was pregnant with my second baby, I would ask my husband to buy me banana cue at 12 a.m. :D OR like my aunt who would ask her husband to go to events and stuff and make sure he brought home the private part of a girl lechon for her to eat. If he couldn't bring it, then he better not come home at all. See!
  • Increase of weight / bloating - Well, there are many explanations for an increase of a woman's weight. Sometimes this is due to the menstruation, still. But if she continues to gain weight, then what else could it be?
  • Missed period - Of course! If you miss it, then there must be wrong. This should be warning enough for you, right? Then again, I've had times where I missed it for a couple of months, then it just comes back...! *whew!*
  • Quickening - This is defined as the movement of the baby inside the womb. This actually almost made me faint. When I felt my baby move, I was then pretty sure I had something. Worms wouldnt make much movement, right? What else could it be? Hyperacidity just does not kick that much.
  • Heartbeat in the womb - If there is a separate heartbeat inside of you, I believe you should have yourself checked. Because if that is not a baby, then you really should be worried.
  • Moodiness - Women tend to have PMS (Pre-menstrual Syndrome). However, in this case, the if the moodiness does not go away after a while, then, "Houston, we have a bun in the oven."
  • Unusually big midsection - Sometimes it comes out as a beer belly (yes, some women have beer bellies), and sometimes it is actually a baby. There are some cases, though, for some lucky women where the midsection does not grow as big as it is supposed to. These are the cases when one does not really know for sure.
  • Glowing - I am not saying that the woman glows like a glow-worm. All I'm saying is that a pregnant woman has this GLOW around her. I really can't explain it much. It just is.
  • Breast tenderness - The breast area often becomes tender and somewhat swollen when the woman is pregnant. I believe it is the hormones. A friend of mine asked me once about this, and I think that there is this fine line between the tenderness when the woman is about to have her monthly visitor, or the woman would not be in contact with that visitor for another 9 months or so.

I think I have listed a couple of signs already. I will try to update this as I go around and pick up more clues.

I do believe that children/babies are blessings from God. God would not give you something that He knows you cannot handle. That's why I keep my head up. I keep pushing and pushing because I know that I can do this. It is a shame to bring a child into this world, only to let it suffer. Be smart! ;) I know I'm trying. Hehehe..

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posted by Ann @ 10:02 AM  
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