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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Living With Water: Benefits of Hydration
If there is anything we take for granted more, it is our intake of water. I should know. For the past week, I've noticed that the maximum amount of water I have taken in does not come up to a single liter perhaps per day. That's bad, duh! But I was too busy and just plain lazy to care. So I opted to make use of alternative liquids such as tea, Cali, juice, Fit n Right, and softdrinks.

It took a while before I realized that I was running low on good old water that I had to make a huge backtrack. These days, I've been trying to get myself hydrated. It could be the one thing missing in my health life. As it often happens, I mistake my thirst for hunger, so I go for the food rather than the thirst quencher. Stupid huh? Yeahp.. very very stupid. At least I know better now.

Just to chronicle this knowledge, and to share it to those who do not know the benefits of water, here is a list of reasons why you SHOULD get that 5-8 glasses of water a day!

  • Hydration lessens risk of diseases. Getting yourself hydrated lessens a woman's risk of breast cancer by a good 79%. Not only that type of cancer, but it also reduces the risk of colon (45%) and bladder (50%) cancer as well.
  • Mental clarity enhancement. Good hydration helps you be alert mentally all throughout the day. This is something that appeals a lot to me.
  • Go for softer skin. Here's to those who would do everything to slow down the aging process. Did you know that if you do not hydrate yourself much, you age faster? Surely I am going to hydrate more! Wrinkles are said to vanish and sagging skin would tighten.
  • Improve your Digestion! Well now, they never told me that! Research shows that when one gets constipated, that person more or less does not have sufficient fluid. Well, it figures. Fluid is needed in order for nutrients to glide on by through those delicate membranes lining the intestines. If the fluid is enough, then the nutrients can be distributed everywhere!
  • CONTROL BODY WEIGHT. (This one caught my eye, too!) Perhaps this is the explanation to my eating instead of drinking decisions last week. Usuallly people often confuse thirst for hunger because the body's thirst mechanism is not really that strong. If we hydrate more, enough hydration resets the thirst mechanism which in turn satisfies the need. Therefore, we no longer eat that much... ;)
  • Relieve Joints and Back Pains. People do not know this much to be true, but hydration can actually help relieve you of your back and joint pains - if you have any.

I don't know about you, but those benefits are reason enough for me to start hydrating myself. As of yesterday, I bought a new bottle for me to use just so when I go around town, I can drink water anytime. Therefore I will not have an excuse to eat out or buy soft drinks or iced tea.

I believe it now. Even though I haven't seen any results as yet. But I honestly feel much better. The secret to good health? Water.

posted by Ann @ 11:51 AM   3 comments
Friday, June 13, 2008
Out of words - Let's Relax for the Weekend
There comes a time in my blogging life that somehow makes me run out of words. Like today for instance. I think I just might be one step away from burn-out. I hope not though.

These are the days I want to drown my sorrows in high calorie Rock n Roll!

What am I playing today? Not much really.. I get really weird when I'm stressed out.. So here I go a-de-stressin all the way...

Well, I am currently repeating and repeating my all time favorite pick me up and relaxing music.

Guns n' Roses - Sweet Child o' Mine

care to listen with me??

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posted by Ann @ 9:23 PM   3 comments
Thursday, June 12, 2008
[MeMes] Doing the Tagging Thing
Okay, so I have been a delinquent when it comes to memes and such. I really try to avoid these things as much as I can, but hey, all for the fun of it, right guys?

The rules are posted at the beginning. At the end of the post, the player tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leave a comment, letting them know they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you've posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

I was 13. I was a loner, a recluse, a bookworm, and a wobbly knobbly insecure person (haven't grown up much since them though)

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list today?  (or tomorrow or tonight?)

    * get some sleeeeeeep!
    * think of content to write on
    * kill Globe if they dont put my connection back on
    * check for updates
    * go to work

3. Snacks I enjoy:
I love all the things that my friends are going to kill me for. Currently, I keep snacking on Cali and Tortillas - go figure.

4. Places I've lived:
I haven't really really lived anywhere else other than Dumaguete. I have stayed for a couple of months or so at my mother's place in Agusan del Sur though.

5. Things I'd do if I were a billionaire
I would set up a fund - even if I am not yet a billionaire, I still want to set up a fund/charity. And I would also like to set up my own businesses! :) Like Zr, it is plural, not a typo.

6. People I want to know more about:
I want to know more about people who have mental disorders - a long standing goal. :D

posted by Ann @ 9:38 PM   4 comments
Monday, June 9, 2008
Concoction: The Italian Soda

Prior to Master Joh's birthday, I have never heard of Italian soda. Have you? Pardon my ignorance if the whole world has known of this really cool drink. Now I actually feel like I belong somewhere among the elite. ;) Hah! This coming from somebody currently obsessed with Cali Ice and Tortillas. Eh.. I have no idea why.

Anyway, I have been going about thinking about that special drink for sometime now - considering that it is almost a month since I tasted it, and I have yet to ask Master Joh how they made that, or if it came from a bottle - but I don't think so, really. So I went about my usual gallivanting in cyberspace and thought to finally look up the recipe - if any - on how to make Italian soda.

Here is what I got. I just compiled it since most recipes direct you to do the same thing:


  • 4 tbsp. syrup
  • 3/4 c. milk (some recipes do not include this)
  • Carbonated water
  • Crushed ice

Mix the syrup and milk in a tall glass. Add carbonated water and ice until the glass is full. (Don't try mixing the ingredients in any other order or the milk will curdle.)


Here is a video on how to make the Italian soda. The first part, before the lady pours in the cream is the Italian soda. After she pours the cream and the whipped cream, it becomes the Italian creamosa. :) More stuff learned today!

How to Make an Italian Soda -- powered by

The video is courtesy of

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posted by Ann @ 8:14 PM   4 comments
The Things You Cant Get When You Run For The Green
Here is the lowdown on what is happening in the world today: Gas prices are skyrocketing (imagine a Php 60/L prediction in a month or so), rice shortage and price increase, increase in fare (from Php 8 to Php 10), and the groceries' price increase as well. That is a might lot for a small country like the Philippines. How much the whole world?

And so the whole world is in crisis. Now, everybody is running for the big green - right? Everybody is trying to earn even on the side of what he or she can manage - even if it kills them. For people who have families, like me, we have to push hard and push harder just to even buy a can of milk. But in the process, we ought to think: "What are we losing that the moolah cannot get you?"

  • Happiness - I think a lot will agree if I say "Money cannot buy happiness." However, it would make somebody happy if you get that person something, but that would only be temporary. If it gets your family out of trouble, then that would be happiness. But too much striving for money just because money buys material things is not any way of making a person happy. Material possessions can never take the place of a happy and loving home. And if you, yourself, strive too hard. Be careful as it just might deprive you of the true happiness of the soul.
  • Time - "Time is money," or so they say. Therefore, if you sell out your time for money, then obviously, you lose time. Sometimes we give too much time worrying, spending, budgeting, and thinking about money that we lose the time to check out other things that do not involve money. Money takes away the time you are supposed to be spending with your kids, your husband, your loved ones, and even with yourself. Sometimes, I, too, become guilty over this. And to take care of this is to budget time wisely.
  • Health - As I write this, I believe I can safely testify striving for money can be bad for your health. And even if - by God's grace - I do earn enough, I still will not be able to have any insurance that the life I live will be long. Money can never bring back your life, your youth, or your health.
  • Self-esteem - No matter how rich you get, it does not matter to self-esteem. It is not like you can buy self-esteem by the bundle. It has to be grown from deep within you, and something that you have to invest into - and by this, I do not mean money. If you have not yet resolved any issues within yourself, then no amount of money can help you take care of this except your very self. When the richest of men decide to take their lives because of depression, no amount of money spent on drugs, or anything that their money can buy can cure that person.
  • Respect - If you humiliate a person and then pay that person off with Php 1,000, do you think you will get respect. Oh, I am sure that person would be willing to say yes - crisis after all. But you will never get that person's respect. The truth is, no amount of money can buy respect. You have to gain it, not demand it or buy it.

There are a lot of things that money cannot buy. These are but the basics that sometimes we need to remember when we are so caught up in the race to provide. Although it is not all together harmful or bad for you. We just need to realize that the world may need money to improve and develop, but money should not be our world.

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posted by Ann @ 7:13 PM   0 comments
Friday, June 6, 2008
[Song of the Day] Puff Daddy feat. Mario Winans - Best Friend
Would you believe it if I told you I have never seen this video before until tonight? :)

This is one of my utmost favorite songs, and I never thought there was a video on it. I cannot exactly explain why I love it so much. But I do. And I have found it again after a long time. It still makes me cry, and it still touches my heart. So I am sharing it with all of you. I hope it touches your heart as it did mine.

Good evening!

Puff Daddy feat. Mario Winans - Best Friend

[Puffy] (Mario)
I've seen a lot of things in my life
A lot of ups and downs
Made a lot of mistakes
No matter what, you've always been by my side
You've always been my best friend
You're the love of my life (Oh)
You're everything to me (Oh)
You never left my side (You're my best friend)
I love you so much (Yes, you are)
You're my best friend

Since the beginning of time
All you did was bless men
Too young to understand but now you my best friend
How could they doubt you, never think about you
Don't they know nothing's possible without you

Faith without fear that's how they raised me
Words of man kill but never phase me
Grateful for wisdom that you gave me
But still I'm like, dear God I wonder, could you save me?
Too much sinning, gotta be more than plush living
Gotta be more than grabbing nines to buck tin in
Gotta be more than just to lust women
Gotta be more than platinum Rolexes, 600's and crushed linen
Praise your name, I know some of them hate their due
Judgment day, don't they know they can't escape your crew
I'm just trying to live right and pray you take me through
And with this song I dedicate to you, my Lord

1 - [Mario Winans]
Lord, you mean the world to me
Before I was born you chose me
You always hear me when I'm calling
Even catch me when I'm falling
You're the closest one to me
I surrender all to thee
I want the whole wide world to see
That we've always been and we'll always be
Best friends

Sometimes I reminisce and wonder how I made it this far
Because of you, I'm me, so you the real star
Your hindsight, the time's right to get my mind tight
Then give it to you and let it shine bright
My best friend, only know how to teach the truth
Plant the seeds of life and let them eat the fruit
Can't you see that He spread love for you
Shed blood for you, cry for and die for you
Willies with mac millies know how you get down
We know the drama you bring whenever you hit town
Just remember when you pray, God is love
Gracious, merciful, forgive even the hardest thugs
Life as we know it, it all begins with Him
Life as we know it, it all ends with Him
If I was you I would never try to pretend with Him
He might spaz and blow it, I'm best friends with him

Repeat 1

Been two and a half years since my man Big passed
Been two and a half years since my world crashed
I needed help, God gave me the power
Gave me the strength to go face to face with my darkest hour
Looked me in the eyes and ask "What you doing unhappy?"
"Don't you know why I'm here?" and started shooting at me
Back to the wall, is my faith gonna play out
Never wavered once, gave me no way out
Your time to die, don't even stress the date
You're coming with me, your soul I'm next to take
I told him "I'm too much blessed with faith"
"And living for Christ" and then he said "Manifest the great"
All of a sudden, what I'm remembering
Ground started to shake, everything trembling
The power of the truth was shooting through my Timberlands
Here was my Lord Jesus Christ, my best friend again, come on

Repeat 1 While:

You mean everything to me
You've been with me from day one
Even when I thought nobody was there
You were there
You're my best friend
I love you like no other
There is no feeling like this in the world
If you can relate to what I'm feeling
Put your hands in the air for me
Let me see you
Naw, matter of fact clap your hands for me
Clap your hands, come on
Thank you Jesus
You always hear me when I'm calling
Always catch me when I fall, yeah
I surrender all to thee
I want the whole world to see
That you've always been, you'll always be
My best friend
I love you Jesus
Thank you, forgive me for my trespasses
As I forgive those who trespass against me
Thank you

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008
Productivity Hack: How to Keep a Sharp Focus at Work

When you live like me, you have to learn to juggle like me. And what is most important is to be able to learn to have something called "focus" in what you do.

These days, we have a lot of things that could be used to distract us: Internet, SMS (or texting), Friendster, Twitter, instant messaging, RSS feeds, and more. If you do not have any of these distractions, perhaps a little office gossip will take your mind off the more important things. And if you are a little web worker like yours truly, all the more distractions are bound to come your way, in the long run, you are pretty much at risk for losing your focus.

Focus is hard to come by these days. It is not something that you just turn on and off on a whim. Your surroundings are are essential if you want to be more focused. Here are some ways to help achieve a sharper focus as you toil the hours away:

  • Plan your day. It is important to list down the things that need to be done today. If you do not have a list to abide to, it is pretty easy to stray from your path and find yourself doing things that could have been done later. In the end, you may have not done what you were really supposed to do.
  • Find your down times. At work, most people have a "noisy" time where they somehow relax a bit or become a bit lazy when it comes to work. Find that time which you somewhat do not feel like doing anything and have your break then.
  • Set time limits. Everybody has a lot of things to do. So it is best that you set up certain amounts of time to finish or attend to a certain thing and make sure you try to finish what you set off to do for that allotted time. That way, that will be marked off the list of things to do.
  • Keep a journal or a diary of the things you did all through the day. The GiGC gave me a 3-year diary as a Christmas present last year (it's pink!), and it has been quite useful in helping me keep tracks on what I did on this particular day, or what happened on this day. Even my frustrations and thoughts go here.
  • Use programs to help track your time. Remember when I talked about RescueTime? Yes, that is it. If RescueTime does not help, then I also have an alternative way of keeping track of things to do, the ever helpful MS Excel.
  • Take more breaks. I know it sounds crazy, but the only thing that has kept me from having a burn-out is because in every hour, I take at least a couple of minutes off to cool my aching brain. It actually works. One really cannot help process tons of data in 8 straight hours. Have a break, have a KitKat.
  • Start the day right. In every single thing you do, it is best to remember that if you start the day right, you go through the day right. Even if there are numerous undesirable things that are bound to happen, if you start off right, eventually, it will end up right again.

These are but a few hacks to keep your focus. I know that it is one of the hardest to achieve. I should know, I think that aside from being a bit obsessive, I think I might also be a tad bit of attention deficit. ;)

Now, Focus!!

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Sunday, June 1, 2008
Award [1st]: Arte Y Pico
Acceptance speech:

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you, it is an honor to receive one of the most prestigious awards given in the blogosphere (*sniffles*). It truly is a gift and one that I did not expect. My blog is still of such a young age, and I feel so appreciated (*sniffles*). I would like to thank the following people: my hub, for always being there for me; the BuLuYaGoNz, who are always rooting me on; ZTe for giving me this award; ShenZee, for always wringing my neck when I feel so blue; and my kiddies - you have always been my inspiration. Lastly, to my manager, miss feyoh, for making me feel like I can strum a thousand words into melody (*shniffles*). Thank you!! "

Now, it is my turn to share this award to others:

The rules of this tag are as follows:

1) You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also for contributing to the blogging community, no matter what language.

2) Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.

3) Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.

4) Award-winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of "Arte y Pico" blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award. Make sure you visit the link above.

The award will be given to those who are creative and have penchant for art. I am giving this to the following great bloggers:
  1. Sendo @ Sendorero@blogspot
  2. Lainee @ Girl In Geeks Clothing
  3. Gong @ The Pharaoh and the Gaijin
  4. Iggy @ LedZepedia
  5. Mimay @ Coatable Coats

*waves trophy around**bow*

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New Template Up and About, and Updates
Okay, so I did manage to extend the changes here for more than a day. Blame it on the very, very crazy Internet service I've been getting. Seriously, I wish I could get all the money back on this one. I have not had a single month of customer satisfaction. If not for the 1 year lockdown, I would have packed my bags and flown off the coop. Goodness! It even put off a lot of my blog posts on hold..and here I go with old drafts and whatnots.

So, it is 2 a.m. once more, and obviously I woke up to do these things. I found out just recently that my writing juice flows better while I am at work, or when the whole world is asleep. Perhaps that way, nobody can disturb me, and the only sound I hear are the tapping of the keys on the keyboard, and the swirl of the the electric fan.

Right now, I have several posts to catch up on updates on all my blogs. I also have to finish 3 500 word articles today - I've done some research already so that should not be a problem. And some graphic designs, AND other stuff. I'm okay. I'll survive. Although I honestly plan to finish all of that within 2-3 hours of uninterrupted thoughts.

Regarding the new template/layout, what do you think? Is it good enough? I have something cooked up, but I do not wish to use the layouts I have made just yet. You'll know when I'm using it later. Judging from my record breaking template change, it might not have to be so long.

Updates and more in the following posts.

Cheers everyone! Enjoy your day/night!!!

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